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Dates & Deadlines

PCard Reallocation Deadline
Pcard reallocations must be done by 5:00 on this date. All transactions not reallocated by this date/time, will be posted to the card’s default chartfield.
Accounting Calendar
Statement Cycle Dates
Calendar Month
(i.e. January 1-31st)

Your purchasing card statements will align with these dates. If you purchase something on the 30th or31st of a month, they may be on the following month’s cycle.
JP Morgan Chase Cycle
12th of the current month to the 11th of the following month

These dates are important for your credit card limits. At the end of each cycle, your spending will restart for the following month.
JP Morgan Chase
JP Morgan Chase
If you would you would like to set up an account with JP Morgan Chase Online, please contact the PCard office at 801-587-7859 or
For assistance regarding any of the following, please contact JP Morgan Chase directly at 1-800-316-6056:
  • Reporting Lost/Stolen Cards
  • Declined Cards
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Disputes Assistance
  • Fraud Inquiry
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Preventing PCard Fraud and Misuse
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