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PCard – Preventing Fraud & Misuse

In this day and age, purchasing cardholders should be vigilant to ensure they’re doing everything they can to prevent fraud or misuse with the PCard.

What can you do to avoid fraud and potential misuse of the PCard?

  • • Reviewing your statements helps to detect fraudulent transactions on your pcard.
    • The cardholder & account executive should review & sign the statement within 30 days from the
    date the statements are issued.
    • If you identify a fraudulent transaction, it must be reported to JP Morgan Chase within 30 days
    from the day you receive your PCard statement.

  • • Your pcard, and full pcard number, should be kept secure.
    • Never send an email including your full 16-digit pcard number.
    • Keep your pcard in a secure location.
    • If you have a department card, that can be checked out to other users, ensure that they are
    careful with the card and keep it in a secure location while it is in their possession.

  • • If you suspect fraud with your PCard, contact JP Morgan Chase as soon as you can by calling the
    number on the back of your PCard or 1-800-316-6056.
    • Fraudulent transactions need to be reported within 30 days from the date that PCard
    statements are received. This is why it is vital that PCard statements are being reviewed/signed
    within 30 days after statements are issued.
    • If you notice fraud after that timeframe, we still recommend you report it to JP Morgan Chase to
    see what options are available.

  • • JP Morgan Chase will never call cardholders to ask for any information about their pcard. If
    there is an issue, they will either email you or send you a text (if you sign up for fraud text alerts
    – by calling 1-800-316-6056).
    • Be careful to ensure that emails asking for urgent responses are coming from the person they
    appear to be from (check the actual email address – instead of just the display name).
    • Visit the University’s website for additional information University of Utah Phish Tank - Information Security Office - The University of Utah

  • • JP Morgan Chase offers additional account security to pcard holders.
    • Call 1-800-316-6056 to sign up for fraud email and text alerts.
    • The text alerts are a live update from JP Morgan Chase – and can be responded to quickly
    identify if transactions are fraudulent.

  • • It’s recommended that PCard Reallocators log into the PCard Reallocation System at least weekly – to stay aware of all PCard transactions.
    • Cardholders can also request to have access to log into JP Morgan’s PaymentNet site. Please
    contact the PCard Office at 801-587-7859 to sign up for this type of access.
    • With access to PaymentNet, you can check transactions on a daily/weekly basis. You can also
    see recent authorizations or learn why a transaction declines.

Visit the University’s Ethical Standards & Code of Conduct Ethics and Compliance Reporting page on the website to learn about how to ask questions, raise issues, seek advice, and report concerns related to proper business conduct and ethical dilemmas.