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As a state university with many diverse needs, the University of Utah is required to adhere to both state law and university policies and rules when purchasing goods and services to meet those needs. The Making a Purchase section is specifically for those at the university seeking to understand what may be required to purchase goods and/or services. Some topics have their own webpage as they have specific guidelines which may be outside the norm.


There are several ways that goods and services may be purchased, depending on what is being purchased and the dollar amount and/or nature of the purchase(s):


When the total purchase - including shipping - is $10,000 or less, a campus department is authorized to purchase using one of the methods of procurement outlined below. There are some exceptions to this: For example, some restricted purchases may require a certain requisition/PO, the purchase from a campus entity, or some restricted PCard purchases may not allow it to be used for payment. The method varies depending on the nature of the specific purchase.

UShop Marketplace - Purchase Order
This is a purchase order created and approved in the UShop Marketplace by the campus department prior to an order being placed. You use it for non-catalog purchases up to $10,000, for non-contracted catalog purchases up to $10,000, and contracted catalogs up to unlimited amounts. Visit the UShop website.
UShop Website
You should use the University PCard as appropriate for your small-dollar purchases. The single purchase limit is $5,000 for general cardholder use. Exceptions up to $10,000 single purchase limit may be granted on a limited basis with approval from the PCard Manager. You cannot use the card for everything - some items are prohibited. For a current listing of prohibited purchases, see the Purchasing Card Handbook. Visit the PCard website.
PCard Website
ePayment Request (ePR)
Use these to authorize payment for purchases not requiring a commitment voucher (i.e., the Procurement Card or a purchase order). You can only use the ePR to pay for the specific goods and services - in the specified dollar amounts - listed in the ePR Training Guide. The ePR is an electronic request process provide by Accounts Payable through their ePR website. In some cases, individuals can be reimbursed for purchases of goods. Note: Reimbursements should not be the usual way that the department obtains goods.
ePR Website

The Bottom Line

All purchases must be made in accordance with the University Procurement Policy 3-100, Procurement Rules, State of Utah Procurement Code, as well as any other applicable authority to ensure accountability to the public and fairness to the supplier. Any person employed by the University of Utah who purchases goods and services, or is involved in the purchasing process, for the University, is bound by the University’s Procurement Ethics Guideline (found in Policy 3-100 University Procurement). The goal of the Purchasing department is to assist you in efficiently obtaining the best value for every dollar while complying with applicable rules.

The University of Utah, as a public institution of higher education of the State of Utah, is exempt from all federal excise taxes and from all Utah State and local government sales and use taxes.

A UShop Purchase Order or PCard is required to purchase an item from a supplier except in specific situations.