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Bid Limits

Purchases from $10,000 to $49,999

The Purchasing Department is responsible for soliciting quotations, either verbally or via fax or email, unless the purchase meets one of the exception criteria listed in the “Exceptions to the Bidding Process” section below. To initiate the request for quotation process, departments should send a requisition and specifications to Purchasing. Please contact the buyer if we can assist with writing specifications.

When quotations are necessary, at least three potential sources must be contacted whenever possible. Departments are welcome to indicate suggested sources on the requisition, giving names of sales representatives and phone numbers for companies with which the university may not have done previous business. The buyer may include additional sources, if known.

1. Writing Specifications
The goal of the request for quote (RFQ) process is to obtain the best possible quality and price for the goods or services being purchased. The quality stems directly from how well the specifications have been written. Buyers are trained in this area and are glad to be of assistance. Please remember specifications must describe all criteria desired to evaluate the quotations, including delivery time.
2. Awarding the Order:
Procurement processes at the university are governed by the state procurement code which requires selection of the “lowest responsive and responsible offer.” Departments are not required to accept the lowest bid if it does not meet solicitation specifications. If this is the case, departments must document what specifications were not met and then accept the next lowest offer meeting all specifications. Approval from the buyer is required prior to placing an order based on a solicitation.

Exceptions to the Bidding Process: