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PCard Reallocation

Reallocation System
Go to Purchasing Card Reallocation web application
(Requires CIS sign-in)
Quick Reference Guide
This guide will give you some quick instructions to use in the Reallocation System.
  • A: An individual designated to assign PCard transactions to the appropriate chartfields.

  • A: Reallocators must take both the in-person/zoom cardholder training and reallocator training. Visit the Training site to sign up for training (if needed).

  • A: Reallocators are responsible to log into the Reallocation System (link above) often – to check for new transactions if they need to choose an alternate Chartfield – than the default that is set up for all transactions. If a different Chartfield is needed, the reallocators can change the entire transaction amount (or some) to alternate Chartfields.

  • A: Yes. The cut-off date for PCard reallocation is the 5th business day of the following month – at 5:00
    p.m. The specific dates can be found on the Accounting Calendar

  • A: Reallocators are added to cards at the time of the PCard application. You can apply for a PCard here.

    You can also submit a PCard update form to be added to existing cards HERE.

  • A: Transactions that are not reallocated to an alternate Chartfield will post to the card’s default Chartfield

  • A: Transactions that have a “PD” next to them mean that they have posted to the default Chartfield. Transactions with a “PA” next to them are transactions that have posted to the alternate Chartfield(s). Changes cannot be made in the reallocation system for any transactions that have posted. Transactions post every night when Chartfields are “submitted” in the system – and post after the cut-off day.

    At this point, the only way to make a correction to the chartfield is a Journal Voucher or a Cost Transfer. If you are unaware about how to make that request, we recommend speaking with your department’s accountant, or someone who is responsible for the finances.