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Purchasing Main Office: 801-581-7241

Executive Staff

Name Phone Email Designation
Aimee Elliott (801)581-4200 Contract Manager
Jeff Johnson (801) 581-6621 Associate Director
Terri O’Toole (801) 581-8992 Senior Director
Randi Ruff (801) 581-7450 Small Business Liaison and Vendor Data Manager
Michael Smith (801) 585-6765 Director

Buyer Staff

Contact Keywords
Ammi Aldous
(801) 587-0073
Senior Buyer
administrative consulting, Audit Services, cycle review, Debt Collection Services, excutive coaching, executive training, financial consulting, Financial Services, Healthcare Services, HR services, Human Resource Consulting, implementation of services, leadership consulting, leadership training, Legal Services, litigation, management consulting, process consulting, process review, Professional Services, recruitment firm, Recruitment Services, Recruitment Services (recruitment firm), Training Services, Trial Management Services
Trent Blair
(801) 581-6859
Senior Buyer
Athletic Services/Consulting, ATM, Business Intelligence Services, car charging stations, cash registers, cell phones, computers, data storage, Database Services, eBikes, eletric cars, Environmental Product (eBikes / Electric cars / car charging stations / renewable energy), Environmental Products, fiber and cabling, Insurance, Insurance (risk insurance / risk management), internet, IT audits, IT consulting, IT Professional Services, IT Professional Services (software consulting / IT consulting / software coding / software programing / IT audits / network audit), IT Related Hardware, IT Related Hardware (network equipment / laptops / monitors / computers), laptops, monitors, network audit, network equipment, network security, Networks, Networks (WAN/ network security / network audit / fiber and cabling / network equipment / data storage / internet), office phones, POS - Point of Sale (cash registers), renewable energy, risk insurance, Risk management, Shredding Services, software coding, software consulting, software programing, Sustainability Projects, Sustainability Projects (renewable energy), Telecommunications, Telecommunications (fiber and cabling / cell phones / office phones / internet), WAN
Colette Brown
Procurement Supervisor
Advertising, communications, consulting, Graphic Design, Graphic Design / Video / Photography (film) Services, Leases, Leases (real property & rental), marketing, Marketing / Advertising Services (graphic design / video / photography services / communications consulting), Photography, real property, rental, Video
Matt Cooney
(801) 585-5242
Senior Buyer
App software, app software (for mobile devices), cloud software, computer software, credit card processing, enterprise solutions, HECVAT, IT Related Software, IT Related Software (computer software/ phone/mobile apps/ cloud software/ on-site software/ enterprise solutions/ software products/ SaaS/ HECVAT/ credit card processing), Mobile apps, on-site software, phone, Phone apps, SaaS, Software (new and renewal licensing), Software maintenance/support, Software new and renewal licensing, software products
Anthony Ferrara
(801) 587-0844
Procurement Supervisor
Antibodies, Appliances, Clinic Supplies, Customs, Customs / Freight / Importation / Shipping, Dental Equipment & Supplies, Dental Materials (Clinic Supplies), Dermatology Services, Diagnosis of Cornia Donor (eye bank), Dialysis Equipment & Supplies, DNA Sequencing Products, etc.), Eye bank, Fixtures, Freight, Implants, Importation, Lab appliances, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Equipment & Fixtures & Supplies, Laboratory related, Medical Equipment, Medical Equipment & Supplies & Services, Medical Resale to the Public, Microscopes and accessories, Patient Care, Research Equipment, Research Equipment & Supplies & Services, Services, Shipping, Specimen Collection, Specimen Collection and Transport Supplies (Patient Care), Supplies, Tools, Transport Supplies, Water Sterilization System, X-RAY
Ryan Harvey
(801) 581-5693
Advertising Services, Appliances (restrictions apply) (fridge / refrigerator / freezer / restaurant equipment / utensils), blinds, Bottled Water Services, Bottled Water Services / Water Purification (water cooler / water delivery), Carpet, chairs, communications, consulting, cubicles, curtains, dining, draperies, eAward, Event Equipment Rental, Event Equipment Rental / Furniture Rental (dining / table cloth), Film Services, Flooring, Flooring & Carpet (rugs), freezer, fridge, Furniture, Furniture / Misc & Project Related (chairs / offices / cubicles / tables / smartboard / whiteboards / markerboards), Furniture Installation, Furniture Installation or Relocation Services (professional and consulting), Furniture Rental, Grants, Grants (subaward agreement OSP signature / eAward), Graphic Design, markerboards, offices, OSP signed agreement, Photography, photography services, professional relocation services, refridgerator, relocation consulting services, Relocation Services, restaurant equipment, rugs, smartboard, Sponsored Projects, Sponsored Projects (OSP signed agreement), subaward agreement OSP signature, table cloth, tables, utentsils, Video, water cooler, water delivery, Water Purification, whiteboards, Window coverings (draperies / blinds / curtains), Windowcoverings
Monica Henderson
(801) 646-4510
Articles, atering, Conferences, Conferences / Events (food / meals / catering / management / Pepsi (restrictions apply) / event management), Coursework, Curriculum, Curriculum/Coursework/Instructional Mat., Custodial, Custodial/Janitorial (services / supplies), Entertainment, Entertainment / Performer / Guest Lecturer, Event management, Event managment, Events, food, Gift Cards, Guest Lecturer, Instructional Mat, Janitorial, manuscripts, Meals, Memberships (Restrictions apply), Moving, Moving Houses, Moving Labs, Moving Office, Operational (MRO), Pepsi, Performer, Pest Control, Publications (articles / manuscripts), Signage, Translation/Transcription
Terrance Palmer
(801) 585-1841
Senior Buyer
Aircraft, Archival Supplies, auto, Binding, block ice, Bus Charters, car, cart, Chemicals, Comparative Medicine (Live), Comparative Medicine (Misc.), Comparative Medicine Cages/Equipment, Compressed & Liquid (dry ice / block ice / pellet ice), Compressed Gases, Controlled Substances, Controlled Substances (drugs & radioactive isotopes), Copier Maintenance, Copiers, Copiers/Copier Maintenance, dry ice, Fleet restriction, FORGE-related, forklift, Gases, International Travel, Journals, Large print equipment, Large Reprints, Library, Library / Archival Supplies, Mailing, manuscripts, Music, Music (instruments/parts / scores/manuscripts), music instrument parts, music instruments, Office Equipment, Office Equipment (excluding copiers) (duplicators), Paper, Paper & Paper Products, Paper Products, pellet ice, Pool Supplies, Printing, Printing / Binding / Publishing / Mailing (Restrictions apply), Printing Equipment, Publishing, radioactive isotopes, Reprints, scores, Study Abroad, Study Abroad / International Travel, Travel, Travel - Aircraft/Bus Charters, truck, Vehicles, Vehicles (auto/truck/cart/forklift/car)(Fleet restriction)
Jon Pezely
Audio Visual Equipment & Services, Broadcasting, Broadcasting (equipment & rights/licenses), Broadcasting Media/Content (broadcasting radio), Laundry, Medical Surgical Equipment Maintenance & Repairs (laboratory equipment maintenance / medical surgical equipment service / laboratory equipment service), Promotional Items, Promotional items (SWAG / spirit items / retail merchandise / logo merchandise / Utah merchandise / department merchandise / licensing), Recreation / Outdoor, Sponsorships/Donation (restrictions apply), Waste Disposal / EH&S (hazardous waste / non-hazardous waste / garbage disposal / recycling disposal / glass disposal)
Patti Service
(801) 587-3894
Senior Buyer
Ads (see Advertising), Advertising - (marketing and employment / employment ads), air conditioning, Art / Exhibits, Athletic NCAA Requirements, Ccure, Construction, Cure, electrical, Employment, Employment (temporary), employment ads, Facilities, Fitness Equipment, Floral & Plant, grounds, heating, HVAC, Individual Sports, industrial repairs, Machine Tools, maintenance, mechanical, operations, painting service, painting supplies, plumbing products, public safety, repair, Security, Security & Security Systems (Ccure/ security personnel), Security personnel, Security Systems, snow removal, Sports, Sports/fitness equipment, Team Sports, Temporary, Uniforms

Support Staff

Name Phone Email Designation
Heather Holley (801) 581-8194 Operations, Service & Process Improvement
Marla Holman (801) 581-7241 Executive Secretary
Josie Marshall (801) 587-3968 Clerk
Vicki Nielsen (801) 581-8472 Administrative Assistant
Kayta Stockton (801) 587-3968 Clerk