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University and State Purchasing Policies, Rules, Procedures, and Codes

Listed below are policies, procedures and rules that can help with the preferred methods to procure and pay for goods and services at the University of Utah.  This list is not exhaustive and further information may be found in the regulation library, as well as the State of Utah procurement code.

  • Policy: A policy is “a general statement addressing governance, philosophies, principles, or broad concepts inherent in carrying out the missions of the University.” University Policies attempt to answer the “what” and “why” questions in conducting University business
  • Rule: A rule is either a general statement governing the operations of the University or “may provide more specific interpretive direction where University policies are silent, vague or flexible.”
  • Procedure: A procedure “sets forth the steps necessary to appropriately and uniformly perform a task to carry out the external business or internal activities of the University.”
  • Administrative Rules and Procedures: The Administrative Rules and Procedures attempt to answer the “how” and “when” questions – providing additional information for implementing or further clarifying existing policy.
  • Polices, rules, and procedures are binding to the University community. The Regulations Library also includes guidelines, which are nonbinding and “provide practical information or other guidance that may be useful to persons carrying out their individual responsibilities.” For more information, see About University Regulations.

To access the full University of Utah Regulation Library, click here.

Policies, Rules and Procedures

Procurement Policy

University Procurement3-100

Related Rules & Procedures for 3-100

Solicitation of Bids, Proposals, Sole Source and the Award of Procurement ContractsR3-100B
Procedure - Conducting Business with Excluded VendorsP3-100B
Requisition UseR3-100C
Procedure- Additional Exceptions to Procurement RequirementsP3-100C
Delegated Small Purchase AuthorityR3-100D
Procedure-Gift Card Purchases and Requirements.P3-100D
Restricted Purchases and Special ProcurementR3-100E
Procedure-Pre-Solicitation Market Research-Communication with VendorsP3-100E

Procurement Policy

Equipment Leasing3-110
Independent Consultant/Contractor Professional Service Agreements3-111
Insurance Inspections3-113
Auxiliary Enterprises Operation3-150
Stores and Receiving3-161
Campus Mailing Services3-162

Signatures & Authorization Policy

Authorizations and Approvals Required for Financial Transactions3-003
Electronic Signatures Policy3-006
Processing and Signing Official Documents Policy3-004

Payments & Reimbursements Policy

Recruitment and Entertainment Expense Reimbursement Policy3-031
Additional Compensation Policy5-403

Related Rules & Procedures for 3-100

Guidelines for Meals/Incentive Awards/Flowers/Retirement Gifts RuleR3-0301A
Moving Allowances ProcedureP5-403I

State of Utah Procurement Code

Utah CodeTitle 63G Chapter 6a