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UShop Training

Complete required training in order to understand how the process works and gain access to UShop.

Creating a PO – Best Practices
This written guide details how to create a PO from beginning to end with tips and guidance on the U's best practices.
Shopping Checklist
This checklist can be used when creating a requisition as a shopper or as a requisitioner.
Shopping One Sheet
This written guide includes the steps needed to navigate UShop when shopping, checking out, assigning, or submitting requisitions.
Three Tools for Placing Orders
This written guide describes the different purchasing options, including UShop, PCards, and ePR.
UShop Approver
This presentation covers how to find Requisitions and or Invoices to approve and how to approve them.
UShop Requisitioner
This presentation covers everything which occurs in the UShop system, including reporting, after shopping has occurred.
UShop Shopper
This presentation covers the start to finish process for UShop and How to Shop/Checkout.