The Utah Procurement Code provides that a procurement may be made without competition when the University determines that there is only one source that can reasonably meet the University’s need for the required supply or service, as described in Utah Code Ann. § 63G-6a-802.

The Purchasing Department has received the following request for sole source procurement

Product and/or Service to be purchased: Swingtide IT Consulting Services

Sole Source Supplier: Swingtide IT Consulting Services

Earliest Proposed Purchase Date: January 23, 2024

Buyer Name: Dan Goulding

Sole Source Justification:

Application Portfolio Rationalization Project – Phase Two. After re-confirming guiding principles (to include the need to challenge current state, eliminate functional redundancy, establish decision criteria, etc.) we will begin with an assessment of the progress made on the Phase One recommendations. Pending the complete assessment of progress, we will update the roadmap to realize the previously identified savings and support any currently needed activities.