The Utah Procurement Code provides that a procurement may be made without competition when the University determines that there is only one source that can reasonably meet the University’s need for the required supply or service, as described in Utah Code Ann. § 63G-6a-802.

The Purchasing Department has received the following request for sole source procurement

Product and/or Service to be purchased: Mobile Ecological Momentary Assessment (mEMA) Licenses and Custom Coding

Sole Source Supplier: Ilumivu, Inc.

Earliest Proposed Purchase Date: February 05, 2024

Buyer Name: Matt Cooney

Sole Source Justification:

The Center on Mindfulness and Integrative Health Intervention Development at the College of Social Work uses the mEMA sense application from Illumivu, which was developed for the Center based on custom specifications. The custom script uses heart rate variability data from a Garmin Vivosmart device to trigger mindfulness meditation audio recordings to be played from the mEMA sense smartphone app when a participant is experiencing stress. No other suppliers have developed a similar system and the cost to transition to a different product at this point would require custom development of a whole new app, making it is cost prohibitive.