The Utah Procurement Code provides that a procurement may be made without competition when the University determines that there is only one source that can reasonably meet the University’s need for the required supply or service, as described in Utah Code Ann. § 63G-6a-802.

The Purchasing Department has received the following request for sole source procurement

Product and/or Service to be purchased: Medicat Electronic Medical Record Software

Sole Source Supplier: Banyan Software, INC.

Earliest Proposed Purchase Date: March 19, 2024

Buyer Name: Matt Cooney

Sole Source Justification:

Medicat has been the Student Health Center’s (SHC) electronic medical record and practice management system since 2013. Virtually all of the clinic’s key activities involve the Medicat system, which is integrated into key University systems for students. SHC began using the practice management portion in Nov of 2013 after six months of training for staff. The electronic medical record module was implemented in July 2014 after an additional seven months of training. New modules were added over time as budgeting allowed. Those new modules include: student insurance member upload, immunization compliance, patient portal, reference lab interface (ARUP), inventory management, state vaccine registry interface, texting notification system, and e-prescribing, each of which required hours of staff time and training. The electronic medical record (EMR) system replaced SHC’s paper charting system, greatly improving efficiency. This hosted system is integrated with PeopleSoft and billing to insurance is facilitated by a process Medicat created to work directly with SHC’s insurer. Transitioning to a new EMR system would cost SHC at least $350k in development, implementation and training, which is cost prohibitive.

This sole source will be valid for 5 years and will exceed $50,000.